Do Deer Like Marigolds? (Answered)

do deer like marigolds
do deer like marigolds

Marigolds or also known as tagetes are a type of flowering plant that can be found in most gardens. These can be grown as both annuals and perennials depending on the type of flower that you choose. There are several varieties of plants that have unique characteristics and properties. This is why you must go through these carefully when deciding which type to plant.

These include differences in color, shapes, and even sizes. Taking this into consideration, choosing a plant that will grow best in your garden can be important. Though, most of the properties of marigolds are the same no matter what their variety is. Hence, people often ask questions regarding the flowers. One common query is “Do deer like marigolds?”. If you are also wondering about this, then going through this article should help you better understand the question.

Do Deer Like Marigolds?

Deer are animals that occasionally roam around areas and look for plants to eat. While there are some types that they prefer, you will still notice deer munching on random leaves and flowers. This is because the scent of some of these flowers attracts the animal and makes them eat them. You should note that this can be quite annoying for people trying to make their garden look beautiful. This is because a deer entering the garden and then eating all of your leaves and flowers will ruin it.

With that being said, going back and simply answering the question “Do deer like marigolds?”, the answer is “no”. Although, there is some additional information that you need to understand as well. The main reason why deer don’t like marigolds is because of the strong odor these plants give off. This can be a huge turnoff for deer which repels them from the plants.

Keeping this in mind, there are several varieties of marigolds that you can plant in your garden. People often question if all of these varieties have the same characteristics. The answer for this is also “no”, as depending on the type that you choose the properties can vary. Luckily, all the varieties of marigold have the same strong odor that is disliked by deer. This means that no matter what type you decide to plant, the animal will still be kept away.

However, some varieties of marigold like signet have a lower odor on them. This is why people frequently use them in culinary as the leaves and flowers are safe to eat. Though, this also means that deer might try to attack your plant. With that being said, users can often use companion plants with marigolds that ensure that deer are kept away. This includes planting shrubs or flowers like vinca that will keep deer as well as other animals away.

Keeping this in mind, it is also important to note that animals are different than humans. Even if you have plants that can repel deer, these can still attack your garden if they are starving. The animal will leave as soon as they dislike the taste but some of your plants will still get damaged. This can be quite annoying to deal with which is why gardeners plant tall shrubs that completely block the path of these animals. This is a great way to create a barricade around your garden, keeping animals away at all times.

Do Damaged Marigold Grow Back?

Now that you understand that marigolds are not liked by deer, these still have a chance of getting attacked. Some people might question if their damaged flowers and plants will grow back. When it comes to this, it is important to understand that the rate at which the plant and flowers grow depends on the season. If you are in season, then your flowers will grow back within days.

This can be amazing but if your plant Is not in season then it can take some time to recover. Another factor that plays a huge role in the growth of your flowers is their maintenance. This is why you must keep your plants in an optimal location. If marigolds have access to sunlight 6 hours a day, then they can grow back quickly and stay healthy. Whereas plants in shade will take a longer time to grow back.

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