What’s The Difference Between Oregano And Marjoram

difference between oregano and marjoram
difference between oregano and marjoram

Mint is not just one type of plant, but there is a lot more to it. That would make it the right choice for you to grow mint in your gardens or farms and make it worth your while. There are a number of different species of mint that you get out there, and they might look and smell identical but there is a lot more to it that you will get to know if you are in to learn about them. Oregano and Marjoram are two such plants that might look identical and are often referred to as the same thing as well. They have different names in different origins but might also be called by the same names in some parts of the world.

There is a lot more difference between them both as well that one might need to know. If you are looking to frow some oregano or Marjoram or simply you are planning on using them in one of the recipes you might be preparing, differentiating between them holds the right importance so you can treat them accordingly. A few such key differences that one must be aware of to make it possible for them to enjoy the right edge of these mints would be:

What’s The Difference Between Oregano And Marjoram?


Oregano is an herb that is used mostly to enhance the flavor in foods and that makes it the right choice for a wide range of recipes across the world. Oregano is native to the Mediterranean region but has been used in other parts of the world as well. The plants don’t go tall that much and are something between 20-80 centimeters in general. That would make oregano the perfect choice for growing in any sort of conditions and you will not have to worry much about taking care of it either.

Oregano leaves are small in size and they can grow up to 4 centimeters at most. They grow in a bunch-like structure and with the outer leaves larger in size, inner leaves grow smaller and smaller than the outer layers. The difference is with their stalks mostly and oregano have green stalks that have the leaves at one end. The stalks are also pretty smaller in size and green in color. This would help you differentiate the oregano from marjoram by looking at one.

Oregano plants have higher concentrations of carvacrol that is an aromatic compound and it adds to not only the mint and cool feeling on these plants, but there is a lot more to it. It also adds the right savory flavor for any dishes that you might be planning on using the oregano for. The fresh green leaves tend to be the best thing for aroma and taste on any dish that you might be planning to prepare.


Marjoram might look identical and it smells almost the same as well, but there are key differences that would separate it from the oregano and you must know them in order to ensure that you are planting them right and taking care of them properly as well. Not only that, but you will also need to ensure that you are following the recipe right.

Marjoram is a bit sweeter than the oregano and has a distinctive flavor that is slightly different. The aroma also gets sweeter on Marjoram that is an evident sign that you are dealing with marjoram. Apart from that, it is a cold-sensitive herb and you should not be planting it in some regions where you get low temperatures.

The stalk is a bit thicker than oregano on marjoram plants and is wooden textured so that could be another thing that can help you differentiate between them both. The leaves are a bit larger than the oregano as well, and with a thick boundary on these leaves as well.

The color is slightly different on these as well and marjoram got a light shade of yellow and lime on them that would be a clear difference separating them from each other since oregano leaves have a bit darker shade that makes them easily distinguishable from the other mints and similar plants in the same category.

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