Crocus vs Tulip – Which One To Plant?

crocus vs tulip
crocus vs tulip

Gardening is a fun hobby that also helps in making your garden look beautiful. Although, there are tons of things that you need to keep in mind before you even get started. This includes considering what type of plants you will be adding to your garden as well as the steps required to keep them maintained. There are tons of reasons why someone would want to plant flowers or vegetables in their gardens which is why you should consider these factors first.

If you are simply looking for flowers that can make your garden look attractive, then crocus and tulip are both great options. The only problem with these plants is that they look quite similar. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between crocus and tulip so that you can decide which plants will be better for your garden. Make sure that you go through the details carefully as it will also help you in understanding how to keep the flowers healthy.

Crocus vs Tulip


Crocus is a flowering plant that has over 100 species that people can select from. Almost all of these are perennials which means that the plant can last you several years. Keep in mind that the plant will only blossom during its bloom time but as long as you keep it alive throughout the year, new flowers should start growing out the next time spring arrives.

The plants are low growing which means that they have a short height on them and stay close to the surface. These come in several color options that can vary depending on the species that you have planted. The shades usually range from white, purple, orange, and yellow but there are additional combinations available as well.

The plants are native to Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean but they can be found spread across other regions as well. Crocus symbolizes rebirth but the flowers are also often given to others on special occasions as they represent joy and love. Other than this, the plants are also quite easy to maintain which is why people will notice them being planted in gardens all around the world.

Most beginners can start by planting a flower like this as the only thing they have to do is keep it under sunlight. Your flower should get about 7 hours of sunlight every day to stay in the best possible condition. If this is not possible then make sure that you water the plant and keep its soil full of minerals. These factors are also enough to keep the plant alive so that it can stay blossoming new flowers every year.


Tulips are another type of perennial plant that bloom new flowers during spring. The flowers on this plant are large and come in different color options which makes them similar to crocus. Though one major difference that people will notice is the shape of the petals on this plant. Tulips usually have flowers that have petals closely packed.

On the other hand, the petals on the crocus look like they have been slightly spread around. The plants can sometimes be confused with each other but if you place them together then you can easily tell them apart. With that being said, people should also note that these flowers act as great companions. This is because tulips grow taller whereas the crocus stays close to the ground.

If you grow these together then the crocus will fill the ground beneath your tulips making them look filled up. The steps required to keep the flowers maintained are also similar which is why the plants can easily last you a long time. During summers, the crocus flowers have a chance of getting damaged from excess sunlight. However, if you have these under tulips then the light can be blocked by the plant instead.

This helps both the plants in staying alive and keeps your garden looking beautiful. Going through the information provided above, people should easily be able to understand the differences between crocus and tulips. You can then decide if you want to plant both of the flowers or just one of them. Just make sure that you carefully select the species as most of the characteristics depend on them.

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