Clear vs White Greenhouse Plastic – Which To Use?

clear vs white greenhouse plastic
clear vs white greenhouse plastic

Who does not know what greenhouse is? The greenhouse is potentially used to grow healthy plants by providing them with the required temperature and promoting their growth. they require a cover in a form of glass or plastic that helps them trap the sunlight and heat for plants growth. however, many people are confused about whether to use clear or white greenhouse plastic. Both types of plastic work perfectly in fulfilling their needs. However, both plastics are required for certain conditions that make them unique in their own way. If you want to know about the clear and white greenhouse plastic, then let’s dig in.

Clear vs White Greenhouse Plastic Comparison

Clear Greenhouse Plastic

The clear greenhouse plastic acts like glass. These plastics capture heat and provide the ideal amount of light required by the plants inside the greenhouse to uplift their growth. The clear greenhouse plastic helps the sunlight to pass through it without scattering it. Clear greenhouse plastic is better in cases where you have to germinate seeds that might have to e moved outside later. The clear plastic will provide the seeds with direct sunlight that will heat up the soil and encourage the seed to germinate efficiently. However, they are not encouraged to be used in conditions when you have to let the plant grow into maturity. This is because the plastic will provide direct sunlight that will produce more than the required amount of heat. The excessive heat may cause the plant to dry and become yellow. As a result, the plant will die with the passage of time.

The light passing through the clear greenhouse plastic is intense with burning rays that form shadows. It produces more heat than white greenhouse plastic. In other words, more strong light and heat enter the greenhouse if clear plastic is used as compared to the white greenhouse plastic. These plastics reach the plant from one direction only. As a result, the plant grows in the direction of the light.

White Greenhouse Plastic

The white greenhouse plastic acts like frosted glass. When the direct sunlight passes through the white plastic, the light is diffused. This makes the light scatter. The white greenhouse plastic is highly encouraged when you have to let the plant grow into maturity inside the greenhouse. This is because the white plastic will provide scattered light rays to the plant which will produce enough heat that will help the plant to grow properly. White plastic is the ideal choice when your plant requires diffused sunlight rather than direct sunlight.

The white greenhouse plastics are promoted for better photosynthetic processes. Also, as the light is scattered by the white plastics when they enter the greenhouse, they reach the plant from all directions. As a result, these plants grow in all directions rather than toward the light. This means that the plants will have a more compact and balanced structure. These plastics are efficient for vegetative plants or other spring plant growth. It also helps reduce the growth of fungus and molds. It helps prevent insect propagation during plant growth. Another advantage of using white greenhouse plastic is that they reduce the light and prevents the UV rays to enter the greenhouse. The diffused light is less bright than the direct sunlight which is provided by the clear greenhouse plastic. This means that the light is not burning and does not produce shadows as it balances the light in all directions.

All-Purpose Greenhouse

If you are looking for an all-purpose greenhouse, then it is highly suggested that you use both clear wells as white greenhouse plastic. Cover the roof of the greenhouse with the help of white plastic whereas clear plastic for walls. In this way, you will be able to produce a semi diffused light. These semi diffused plastic covers will provide you with an all-purpose greenhouse.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, two types of plastics are most commonly used to cover the greenhouse. Clear plastic is encouraged when direct sunlight is required by the plants. Whereas, white plastic is encouraged when diffused light is required by the plants that are present inside the greenhouse.

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