11 Common Problems With Case IH 885

case ih 885 problems
case ih 885 problems

A high-powered vehicle like a tractor finds its use in both agricultural and industrial departments. It can efficiently load heavy equipment and, therefore, cover a wide range of applications.

Case IH is a renowned machinery manufacturer whose tractors are very popular all around the world. They are highly functional and reliable. Their robust construction enables them to stand the test of time.

One of their models, Case IH 855, has been in use for a long time, and it has succeeded in receiving applause from the users. However, Case IH 855 tractors are not free of problems like the rest of the machinery and equipment.

This article describes the problems affiliated with Case IH 885 and mentions the effective and simple solutions for those problems. So, let’s get started.

Case IH 885 Common Problems

  1. Diesel Motor Not Cranking

Diesel Motor Not Cranking

Most of the time, Case IH 885 shows a problem with the diesel motor not cranking at all. This could result from multiple reasons. It could be the fault of the user where he/she used the wrong fuel.

Other causes include the broken drive or the problem with the injection pump. No matter what the reason is, you have to check the tractor manually and fix the diesel motor.

  1. Engine Not Performing At Full Capacity

The engine of Case IH 885 fails to perform at full capacity. Whenever you face this problem, the first thing you need to check is the crankcase. The filling of more than recommended oil causes the poor performance of the engine.

Another factor that can affect the performance capacity of the engine is the turbocharger. Make sure you check it and see if there is any damage to it. If you are unable to detect any signs, call in for a professional and get help.

  1. Diesel Engine Constantly Misses While Running

Diesel Engine Constantly Misses While Running

Case IH 885 has a problem where the diesel engine keeps missing while it runs. You need to check the fuel for this because it may contain water. If there is water in there, you need to take out the water completely and replace the fuel with a high-quality oil.

  1. Steering Wheel Spinning Too Easily

Steering Wheel Spinning Too Easily

The steering wheel of the Case IH 885 spins too easily. It is quite annoying and disturbing for the user. The solution to this problem involves the addition of oil.

If that doesn’t bring any fruit, you have to repair the steering cylinder. Run a test on the steering pump as well. It can also get a detective.

  1. Diesel Engine Starting Problems

Diesel Engine Starting Problems

One of the most common problems associated with Case IH 885 is the diesel engine not starting. Multiple reasons can cause this issue. Sometimes the wiring is damaged or loose.

Other times the battery has gone dead. Check the piston rings as well and see if they are damaged or not. A faulty steering pump can also keep the engine from starting.

  1. Diesel Engine Overheating

Diesel Engine Overheating

The constant overheating of the engine is a sign that the level of the coolant is low in the unit. If the cooling system is working fine with the appropriate level of coolant, you need to check the radiator.

It gets dirt and dust on it very frequently. Therefore, test it and get it cleaned.

Check the load on the tractor. You always need to go light with the load and the machinery on the tractor. They are the potential causes behind the overheating of the engine.

  1. Gear Shift Problems

Gear Shift Problems

The design of the gear shift is made in a way that it is able to change the gears. However, you have to be patient while the gear change is carried on because it is a very slow process.

Some people get pretty frustrated with this slow transmission change. Impatient users might lose their control and end up slamming the shift.

Changing the gear is not impossible. But it comes with plenty of transmission malfunctions. It is recommended to never drive a Case IH 885 with the modified gear.

Impatient users have to face another problem with the gear. The working of the gear teeth is synchronous and slow.

Many users try to change the gears in fast mode and resulting in the wearing out of these gears. Ultimately, you have to replace the gears with the new ones.

  1. Clutches


Clutches are the necessary component of Case IH 885 that need your attention. Users of the Case have claimed that the clutch is not good at the job of disengaging the engine from the drive motor as well as from the transmission gears.

There is a high chance of another issue arising that involves the friction deliverance to the gear. Newer models of Case IH 885 may encounter this problem.

  1. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of the Case IH 885 is designed in a way that it needs to be strapped to the back, and fenders have to bolt it. The welding of the bolts into the fender is generally anticipated, but that’s not the Case.

There is a serious risk associated with the continuous use of the bolts in the fields. It leads to the loss of bolt hold. In this way, holes are created in the tank. Get ready to have the fuel all over your working area.

The fuel tank might have a lot of clogging at the entry. It can cause significant contamination of the fuel.

  1. Front Axle

Front Axle

The front axle of the Case IH 885 is bound to her and worn out over time. The holding of axles together at the front requires you to put these bolts. There are clear signs of disintegration with the axles.

Most of the users have considered resolving this issue by running an installation of an additional steel plate. This solution might work, but it relates to the way you use the Case.

  1. Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks

There is no doubt about the reliability and construction of Case IH 885, but they still have hydraulic leaks and oil issues . The route for the hydraulic lines is located at the center deck of the Case. Whenever the machine moves, vibrations are produced.

It leads to the rubbing together of the steel hydraulic lines and, eventually, the creation of a hole in those steel lines. In this way, the engine oil and the hydraulic oil mix with each other and pose many more problems for you.

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  1. 885 tractor once you are going, and there any idle down , tractor won”t go, just like its jump out of gear, dose not any diff in low or high range or which gear, but the levels are still in place

  2. Problems getting reverse gear just bought this tractor from a retirement sale 6000 hours on the clock is it linkage problems or bushings help appreciated


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