Case IH 2588 vs 2388: Which Should You Buy?

case ih 2588 vs 2388
case ih 2588 vs 2388

Case IH 2588 vs 2388: Which Should You Buy?

Case IH is one of the oldest manufacturers of agricultural machinery. It was started in 1985 and had an experience 175 years of in the agricultural machinery industry. The company operates in more than 160 countries. 

They are recognized as a worldwide leader in compelling, reliable, and extremely efficient machinery that is helpful for proficient farmers to meet the modern-day challenges of modern farming.

Case IH mainly offers heavy machinery for agricultural purposes, such as tractors, planters, harvesters, tillage, loaders, and attachment.

It has a great team for providing financial services and exceptional customer service to the farmers and all its product distributors.

 CASE IH 2588 VS 2388

Case IH 2588 Case IH 2388
Price High Priced Low Priced
Fuel Consumption High Fuel efficiency Low Fuel Efficiency
Horsepower 305HP 375.5HP
Number of Gears 3 3
Threshing Speed 450-1125rpm 760-2740 rpm
Transmission Type Hydrostatic Transmission Hydraulic Transmission

Case IH tractors are leading the market because of their durable engines. Moreover, they are suitable for low to medium-range farmers.

Most of their users are quite satisfied with their product’s build quality. As we know, every machine has its limitations. Similarly, Case IH tractors also have some problems associated with them.

Their most popular products are Case IH 2588 and 2388. Many customers get confused between the two because they specialize in different fields.

Therefore, the best way to select one is to first analyze your local conditions and then look for the specifications of Case IH 2588 vs Case IH 2388.

Both models consist of high-powered engines, making them suitable for harsh conditions.

Case IH 2588

Case IH 2588 tractors are famous for their three-drive gears and highly powered engine rating of more than three hundred horsepower. They are very easy to operate because of versatile options for user-friendliness.

2588-combine is used for harvesting grains that are produced in high quantities. Farmers who own large fields produce grains that must be harvested all simultaneously using Case IH 2588.

case 2588

These are modified, updated agricultural machines that work faster and better, decreasing the working hours by half.

Specifications 2588

Case IH 2588 combined has an overall width of 3353mm over the tire area with a wheelbase of 3418 mm. Giving it a strong and stable base to work on rough patches in the field.

The height of the Is mount Cap is almost 3932mm, which is one of the reasons for its excellent performance.

The engine is specifically built to work in harsh weather conditions having a horsepower of 227.5 kW (305) with a 242.4kw power boost which can be used in bulk harvesting seasons.

The operational weight of any machine plays an important role in its functioning, be it with attachments or without attachments, as it helps with the stability of the equipment.

The operational weight of Case IH 2588 is 13607.8 kgs, having a fuel capacity of 681.4 litres.

It has a displacement capacity of 8.3 L.

These tractors use a hydrostatic drive with several benefits, such as high speed, efficiency, and compactness.

Along with several advantages, it has a major disadvantage to it too. It is extremely costly. 

It does not have self-levelling and has a cleaning speed of 450 rpm – 1250 rpm.

Case IH 2388

On the other hand, Case IH 2388 is relatively low-powered than Case IH 2588. They are mostly used for harvesting purposes. Moreover, it has an air-conditioned cabin to create a comfortable environment for the user.

Specifications 2388

The engine is specifically built to work in harsh weather conditions and has a horsepower of 280 kW, which is relatively higher than 2588.

The operational weight of any machine plays an important role in its functioning as it helps with the efficiency of the equipment.

The operational weight of Case IH 2388 is 9500kgs, having a fuel capacity of 2574.1 litres, making it one of the strongest and most efficient harvesting machines in the market.

case 2388

These tractors use hydraulic transmission. These systems can shift heavier loads and have a superior force compared to mechanical or electrical systems.

Along with several advantages, it has a major disadvantage to it too. The efficiency drops at low temperatures and some parts of the machinery will not work as oil filters.

What Is The Difference Between The Two?    

There are many differences between the two tractors, but we have researched the most common and considered ones in the following list:

  1. Engine

The engine is the first thing that should be looking at when buying a machine, as all its efficiency, speed, and functioning depends on it.

While comparing both the Case IH models you would see the HP of 2388 is higher than 2588.

Case IH 2588 has an engine power of 305HP whereas the engine power of 2388 is 375.5HP which is higher than 2588, making it a better choice if you work in harsh weather.

Engine Strength

  1. Operational Weight

The weight of any machinery is important because it helps to stabilize the machines functioning. It provides the bases for its efficiency.

Case IH 2588 is a winner in this category as it has a higher weight of 13607 kg, which works best in harsh weather but also has the disadvantage of its heavy weight, making it difficult to transport.  

Case IH 2388 has the benefit of its light weight of 9500 kgs which makes it easier to transport to different areas, and is also a customer attraction who have fields around the states.

  1. Consumption of Fuel

When purchasing a tractor for your field, fuel consumption is one of the most important factors. It is because the profitability of your business relies on it.

Moreover, high transportation costs greatly influence the price of the final product, which can make your survival in this competitive world quite difficult. Therefore, you should not ignore the factor of fuel efficiency.

Now coming toward Case IH 2588 and Case IH 2388, IH 2588 has impressive fuel efficiency. Moreover, the high fuel efficiency of 2588 makes it a complete package because it also offers its users high engine power.

Fuel Filter Issues

On the other hand, 2388 has relatively low fuel efficiency compared to 2588, but it is still better than other alternatives in the market.

  1. Price

The price of a tractor is another important thing to look for. It is because high-priced tractors are not feasible for low-budget and new-field farmers.

Moreover, you should buy the tractor that best suits your local conditions. It is because purchasing an overpowered tractor can turn out to be useless.

On the other hand, a low-spec tractor is also of no use for your field. Therefore, you should select a machine with enough features on a limited budget.

In the case of IH 2588 and IH 2388, 2588 comes under the range of high-priced tractors. Whereas IH 2388 is a feasible option for farmers with a low budget, everything depends on the requirements of local conditions.

  1. Threshing Capacity 

The threshing capacity of any agricultural machinery is very important, especially if it is used for harvesting purposes.

The threshing rotor speed of IH 2588 is 450rpm at its lowest and 1125 rpm at its highest, having a rotor diameter of 762mm as compared to IH 2388, which has a rotor length of 69596mm and a rotor diameter of 19304mm.  

  1. Customer Support Service

Call Support

Another important thing to see in a tractor company is the quality of customer service.

It is because, with time, the machine needs maintenance. You will need to contact customer support from time to time for maintenance purposes.

Therefore, selecting a company that values its customers and helps them with their queries is necessary.

In the case of IH 2588 and 2388, the quality of their customer service is quite high, but the difference is that each has a separate customer service unit.

Customer Reviews 

If two combines are set beside each other, one a 2588 and the other a late model (2005) 2388, equipped the same, which would you choose?

I am leaning toward 2388 simply because of the mechanical injection engine instead of the Common Rail on 2588. It doesn’t appear that there were many other upgrades to 2588.


As we can see that both IH 2588 and IH 2388 are durable machines used mostly for harvesting purposes. Both of them are leading the market because of their competitive pricing. It is suitable for both rich and poor farmers.

Moreover, both offer their users high fuel efficiency, making them more feasible for agricultural businesses. Moreover, their customer support further makes the users feel valued.

Other than these features, these tractors are suitable for operating in rough conditions, making them a perfect choice for hilly areas.

Analyzing the differences between IH 2588 and IH 2388, both are very efficient and have different specs for different fields.

If you are looking for something cheaper, it is recommended to go for Case IH 2388, and if you have a little higher budget, the best option is Case IH 2588.

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