Can You Grow Moringa Indoors: Is It Possible?

can you grow moringa indoors
can you grow moringa indoors

Moringa is also known as the drumstick tree due to the shape of their leaves. It is a fast-growing tree that is also drought-resistant and can survive in the harsh weather conditions as well. Moringa Trees are native to the Indian subcontinent where they are used for a number of purposes including medication.

These are also pretty common in the US coastal region where the weather gets pretty warm. A few things that you must know about Moringa and how you can grow them indoors are discussed below.

Can You Grow Moringa Indoors

Is it Possible?

Moringa Trees are not that sensitive and that makes these trees easy to be grown in any sort of environment you might have. They can grow both indoors and outdoors in the Coastal regions of North America. But, especially if you are in California or Florida, these trees will survive pretty great indoors and you can grow them perfectly as you might want to without coming across any major hurdles. You just need an environment where the weather remains warm throughout the year and they will strive. A few things that you will need to know about growing them indoor are:

How to Grow Them Indoors?

The best part about making these Moringa grow is that they are not depending on the temperature much. They can grow anywhere between 24 Degrees Celsius or 75 Degrees Fahrenheit but they need more humid conditions for better growth and to survive.

They take their time and it can take anywhere between 8-12 months for a tree to get properly mature and to have the leaves. These leaves are going to help in the winter to ensure the plant survives. That is why you should plant them at the beginning of summer to ensure the right growth of Moringas. The trees are highly beneficial and that is the main reason most people would want to grow these Moringa Trees at their places.

Not only do their leaves have pretty great benefits and can be used for medicinal purposes and a lot more. These moringa trees also look great and would add aesthetics to your indoors as well as outdoors as well.

Caring for Them

There is not much care that these plants need and you don’t need to worry much about it either. They can draw all the nutrition from the soil without needing any sort of fertilizers at all if the soil is right. That will help you out perfectly to make it work for you. They don’t need much watering either as they are drought-resistant.

As long as you are watering them at least once a day, it will be helping you perfectly to make sure that they are getting all that they need and you are going to have the perfect experience growing them indoors. That will be serving you the best and you can have the best Moringas with healthy leaves. You can use these as well for all the applications you might have planned.

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