Can You Eat Ornamental Oregano? (Answered)

can you eat ornamental oregano
can you eat ornamental oregano

Aside from the production benefits, a garden can substantially improve the outlook of your home. So, if you want to maintain an attractive garden, you can start with different types of ornamental plants that can be adjusted easily into new conditions. These ornamental plants look pretty cute and are easier to manage as compared to other plants.

However, some beginners seem to be confused about whether or not they should eat ornamental oregano. If you’re also unsure about eating the foliage from this ornamental plant, then let us help you with the answer.

Can You Eat Ornamental Oregano?

Ideally, you should avoid eating ornamental oregano as it is primarily used for decorative purposes. There is just not enough depth to flavor to go through the trouble of adding it to your cooking recipes. You can use a wide range of other ingredients to develop a more delicious and healthier dish for your family. So, the answer to this question is you should not eat ornamental oregano.

Even though the oregano is edible, it is not worth going out of your way to add this to your recipe. There are almost no adverse effects of using ornamental oregano as long as you know what you’re doing. However, most experts avoid using this plant for cooking and keep it for decorative purposes only. So, if you want to add oregano to the recipe, you need to look towards the genuine option instead of going for ornamental oregano.

Caring for ornamental oregano is not tricky if you’ve provided the ideal soil mixture with good water retention and drainage properties. You also need to manage the humidity levels and ensure that the location is dry and the soil mixture. That way, the plant will grow without any issues. If you completely ignore the plant, then it becomes impossible for it to survive. So, make sure to follow through with all the care tips if you want to see beautiful and erect ornamental oregano in your garden.
Despite being an ornamental plant, it flowers beautifully with a light shade of pink in different regions of this plant. These light-colored flowers can also be added to the recipe, but it would be better to avoid using this plant for cooking purposes. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should be eating ornamental oregano.

To Conclude

The ornamental oregano is edible, but most experts recommend that gardeners avoid using these plants for cooking purposes. The primary reason being that there is not enough strength or depth of flavor. So, if you want to cook something good, we suggest that you go for genuine oregano in your cooking recipe.

Other than this, Ornamental oregano is a beautiful plant that magnifies the beauty of your home. If you were looking for some low-maintenance plants for decoration purposes, then there isn’t a better option available on the market. Head over to your local gardening store or nursery to purchase this plant and add it to your home decor.

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