What Are The Bumps On Tomato Stem?

bumps on tomato stem
bumps on tomato stem

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only trending these days, but it is healthier as well and more people each day are moving towards growing their own vegetables in the backyards or gardens. Tomatoes are a daily need to not only make the daily nutritional factors balanced but there is a lot more to it as well that will help you to enjoy the rightly ripe fruits with nothing to be worried about.

However, managing the gardens is not that easy of a job and you will need to be careful about certain things. Tomato plants need to be taken care of pretty good and you might be seeing some white-colored bumps on the stem that might get you a bit worried.

What Are The Bumps On Tomato Stem?

What they are?

These bumps are simply the ingrown roots. These bumps will start as hundreds on the stem of your tomato plants and they will continue to grow in numbers. The best part is that they can be turned into roots if buried into soil, so if you are looking for increasing the number of plants in your garden, you can use them for that purpose as well.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much space, or you choose to let them be as they are. They will turn to nodules that are also called root initials.

The Reason

You might also want to know the reason that is causing you to have all these problems on your tomato stems with the bumps. These bumps can be related to the pimples we have on our skin and they are caused by the stress under the skin of the stem here. The stress means there could be some obstruction or blockage in the stem and that will cause you to have the bump on it.

The blockage itself doesn’t cause the bump, but actually, it is about the hormone that is triggered towards that blockage in the stem and it might accumulate due to that blockage and you will be getting that hormone named Auxin turned into a bump inside your root.

There are certain other problems that are less likely to cause these bumps for you on the root, but the possibility cannot be denied either. These include damages on the root, irregular cell growth due to nutrients in the soil, high humidity in soil and atmosphere, and some internal injury in the plants that are a lot harder to diagnose and not only that, but even harder to solve.

Is It Dangerous?

If you are seeing these bumps on the stems of your plants, that might be something worrisome for you. However, that is nothing to get too thoughtful about if you are not seeing any curled leaves or some other signs of disease on your plant. These bumps and roots will be causing your plant to have additional strength on the stem and this way, you get more nutrition on the plant.

Yet, you will have to worry if there are some diseases on the plant and should be getting it diagnosed and fixed properly to ensure the right health on not only the stems of your tomato plant, but that is also going to help you out greatly in order to ensure that your fruit is healthy as well.

How to Fix?

The first thing in order to fix the disease is that you need to diagnose what sort of disease is affecting your tomato plants. You will need to be careful abut the Fusarium Wilt or Verticillium Wilt and look for the early signs of these diseases. You will see symptoms such as stunted growth, yellowing Streaking on the stems, fungicides on the edges and brown leaves with twisted corners at times.

So, you will have to make sure that you are able to get to the root cause for the disease that is causing you to have all these problems, and there are proper medicines to be sprayed or to be added in the soil to cure these diseases that are causing you to have the bumps on your stem of the tomato plants. This will be the best thing to have disease free plants and fruits for you.

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