How To Fix Broken Seedling Stem?

broken seedling stem
broken seedling stem

Seedlings are the best thing that you can get to ensure that you can grow the trees safely in a controlled environment and then they can be shifted to the place where you have to get them planted. However, these seedlings are quite sensitive and since they are in an early stage of growth, they are not only weak but they need all the nutrition and safe surroundings as well to grow properly into a full plant as you might like it to be. There can be different reasons for you to have a broken seedling stem and you will have to figure them out to make sure that you can know the reason.

How to Fix Broken Seedling Stem?

The Reasons

There are several reasons that can cause your seedling stem to break and damages while handling them are one of the first things that you need to be really careful about. You will need to be extremely delicate while dealing with the seedlings as they are pretty weak during their first few months. That is why, you will have to take the whole piece of soil out and then place it in a pre-dug hole while moving these seedlings from one place to another and not only that, but you will also need to ensure that you are not letting anything touch the seedlings or put pressure on them as that might cause them to get damaged or worst break.

You will also need to ensure that you are securing these seedlings in a proper place away from harsh winds, getting trodden on and other weather conditions like rain or hailstorm and that might be causing you to have all these problems. So, you will need to keep them under the right safety so that seedlings don’t get broken and that will save you a lot of trouble as well without getting you any problems at all.

How to Fix

There are also a few ways that you can fix these broken seedling stems but that will actually be depending on the type of damage you might have on them. If they are simply tilted to a certain angle or you feel like they might be getting weaker at a certain point, you will need to give them a little support with some minor tape or something like that and they will heal wondrously for you without having any major problems at all on it.

However, if you feel the stem is broken close to the leaves and it might have a chance at regrowth, you will need to carefully cut the stem there where it is damaged and it would be better if you cut it just a bit lower than the damaged part on the stem and that will be helping you out perfectly to sort the problem that you were having.

Although, there might be some problems such as getting them damaged just above the roots or something like that where it is not able too heal, and there is hardly anything you can do about it.

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