Why Do Boxwood Shrubs Smell Like Cat Urine?

boxwood shrubs smell like cat urine
boxwood shrubs smell like cat urine

Boxwood shrubs are dense plants that can either be grown as small trees or shrubs. These come with a unique shade of green that makes the plant look aesthetic. While growing these shrubs as small trees is an option, doing so can take a lot of time because of its slow growth.

If planted inside pots, then the shrub will make your garden look elegant. People can also plant these gardens in landscapes if they want to cover them. You should note that these shrubs come in several varieties which have unique features on them.

With that being said, it is best that you carefully go through these before deciding which one to get. While these are amazing, you should note that there are also some problems that you can run into with the plant.

One common issue that people have been reporting is that the boxwood shrubs smell like cat urine. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with information regarding this query. Make sure that you go through it carefully to understand why that is the case.

Boxwood Shrubs Smell Like Cat Urine

When it comes to boxwood shrubs giving a smell like cat urine, you will notice that the problem is often reported. While this issue is quite common, you will also notice people who don’t report this problem. This is because the cat urine smell is usually from the English boxwood variant.

Some people also report this as being an odd odor. Hence, you should note that the problem is from the natural smell of the shrub. Some people have never noticed this odor. This is why the issue usually depends from person to person. Some users might find the smell annoying while others will have no problems with it.

Avoiding Boxwood Shrubs Cat Urine Smell

Now that you understand that the smell people report is natural, the question of how this can be avoided might be asked. When it comes to this, you should note that you should plant the English boxwood shrubs away from your house’s entrance. Additionally, another thing that you can do is not plant this variety at all. This is much better as the smell is only from this variety.

People can plant some of the other species that boxwood shrubs come with. Tons of other shrubs can be used as well that also have unique characteristics. Replacing these with your current English boxwood shrubs can be a great option as this will prevent your garden from smelling like cat urine. Some companies also provide scents that can be used on plants to negate their smell.

However, this will not work properly as the natural odor of this shrub is too strong. This can easily overpower the scents that you use and even cause them to smell weirder. Keeping this information in mind, make sure that you go through the other varieties of boxwood shrubs carefully before deciding which one to plant. All of these have similar requirements on them so planting them and keeping them healthy will not be difficult.

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  1. Could this smell be stronger in the mornings after the humify of the night has touched the boxwood plant? As I opened my window and got this very strong cat odor smell. I do have boxwood right outside the window. However, when I go out to smell for it, I don’t smell it. And I opened the window again after the sun has been out and there is no smell at all that comes through the window. What is it about the plant that smells like that? There are no flowers on the bushes that I see.


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