3 Fixes For Bobo Hydrangea Not Blooming

Bobo Hydrangea Not Blooming
Bobo Hydrangea Not Blooming

Bobo hydrangea was first introduced in Belgium from the award-winning hybridizer pinky winky. Bobo is the size of about 3’ to 5’. Its flowers bloom in a well-drained, sunny spot as afternoon shade would be more beneficial for its growth. They are trimmed in the season of early spring or winter. It is lush in summer with flowers. Bobo hydrangea’s blooms usually are white but as they mature it turns pink to lilac in shades. Since it has a very compact size, it can be used as a home plant.

It is a type of hardy hydrangea that flourishes in garden/urban landscapes. Even though these are known for being easy to maintain, there are still some problems that people can run into with the flowers. Recently people have been complaining that their bobo hydrangea is not blooming. If you are getting the same problem, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it. Moreover, we will also be proving you with a list of ways that can be used to fix the issue.

Bobo Hydrangea Not Blooming Fixes

  1. Plant Might Be Infested

When growing bobo hydrangeas, people will notice that the flowers have a sweet scent on them. This can give your garden a lovely aroma but the main issue that users run into is that this also attracts insects to the ground. When it comes to this, some types of birds and insects that are attracted can be beneficial for the plant.

This is because these help the flowers in reproducing so that they can grow new flowers. On the other hand, some insects might get attracted that will infest the plant and start eating it. This can be quite dangerous as the infestation gradually spreads all around the garden and it can ruin all of your flowers. Hence, the best way to deal with this problem is by first finding out what is causing it.

If the issue is in fact from an infestation, then add pesticides to your flowering plants. These take a few days to kill all of the insects from the roots, but the flower will then take some additional time to recover. This varies depending on how much your plant was damaged and, in some cases, the blooming time might get delayed to the next year.

  1. Bobo Hydrangea Not Healthy Enough

The health of your flowers also plays a huge role in how they will grow out. Bobo hydrangea is a perennial plant that blooms new flowers once winters are over. However, keeping the plant healthy during all this time is essential. If the plant has gotten weak then there is a high chance that there will be no flowers the following year.

Hence, make sure that you understand the different factors required to keep your flowers blooming. The bobo hydrangea variety loves long hours of sunlight which is why keeping it in a spot where it gets 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day can be beneficial for it. Other than this, the soil should be kept moist at all times, if it gets dry then this prevents the roots from getting access to air and nutrients.

People who have a proper drainage system can water their soil without any worries as the extra liquid can seep through the tunnels. However, if you don’t have a setup like this then making sure that you prevent the soil from gathering water can be important.

  1. Pruning Your Plants Beforehand

Finally, one more reason why your bobo hydrangea might not be blooming can be that you had not pruned its branches beforehand. This has to be done once winters are over as there are tons of dead branches and leaves inside the plant. Removing all of these promotes the health of your plant allowing it to bloom new flowers.

People should prune their plants in such a way that their branches can still form buds and grow flowers the following year. Aggressive pruning can also prevent the growth of new flowers as the buds take a lot of time to grow. Taking your time and learning how to prune these plants is a great way of ensuring that they are kept healthy for a long time.

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