3 Best Way To Pick Up Leaves With A Lawn Tractor

best way to pick up leaves with a lawn tractor
best way to pick up leaves with a lawn tractor

Removing the leaves from your lawn can be quite annoying, especially when you don’t own the right gardening equipment. This is why most experts recommend gardeners purchase a reliable lawn tractor for their yard management. It is true that these machines can be expensive, but they do bring a ton of value to your garden. So, you should try to set aside some budget to purchase a lawn tractor.

Recently many gardeners have asked about the best way to pick up leaves with a lawn tractor. If you’re also wondering about how to manage leaves in your yard, then the following details should help.

Best Way To Pick Up Leaves With A Lawn Tractor

1. Attach Bagger

One of the easiest methods to pick up leaves with a lawn tractor is by attaching a bagging unit to the back. This allows gardeners to vacuum all leaves and collect them in the bagging unit by just passing the lawn tractor over the yard. However, the only issue here is that you will have to find a compatible unit to perform this task. Even though most of the mewer lawn tractors have this option, there are some units that don’t support a bagging system. So, make sure to first check the compatibility of your unit before purchasing a bagging system.

If you have purchased the lawn tractor from John Deere, then there is a good chance that it is compatible with a bagging system. So, just attach the bagger to the back of the unit and drive the lawn tractor over the leaves. The leaves will collect in a bag that can then be dumped according to your local policies.

2. Use Lawn Sweepers

Even if your lawn tractor does not support a bagging unit, you can still attach lawn sweepers to the back of your machine. This method is somewhat more expensive than simply attaching a bag, but it does bring ease in handling and a better collection system. So, if you are not too concerned with the budget, try purchasing a lawn sweeper for your yard and attach it with the lawn tractor.

After attaching the lawn sweeper to the back of your unit, you just have to drive over the leaves in your yard, and it will start collecting the leaves in your yard. You can then dump the leaves in the bin after the lawn sweeper has picked up all the leaves.

3. Try Mulching

Now, even though there mulching the leaves is not the same as picking them up, you can still achieve pretty satisfactory results by following this method. The best thing about this method is that it can save you a lot of money as you won’t have to purchase a lawn sweeper or a bagging unit. You can simply move the lawn tractor over the leaves to mulch them into fine sections.

After mulching, the leaves will decompose in a few weeks, and you won’t have to worry about the excessive volume of these leaves. On top of that, these leaves will provide a good amount of nutrition to your garden. So, make sure to keep that in mind while deciding on which method to use for removing leaves from your yard.

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