Bamboo Palm vs Areca Palm- Which One?

bamboo palm vs areca palm
bamboo palm vs areca palm

Being familiar with the proper care tips for your indoor palm is crucial for the survival of these plants. If you don’t invest sufficient time to learn about all the different things you have to manage to encourage the growth of your plants, it is likely you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

So, refer to an expert or buy a gardening book to learn about the type of plant you’re adding to your hobby.

Here we will be discussing if there are any differences between the bamboo palm and the areca palm. Follow through if you wish to learn the features of these palms.

Bamboo Palm vs Areca Palm

Bamboo Palm

Even though many people think there is a difference between Areca and Bamboo Palm, it is just another name for the Areca Palm. So, if you’re confused about the differences between a Bamboo Palm and an Areca Palm, there are none.

Because of the unique bamboo-like structure of an Areca palm, many people call it a Bamboo palm. It is due to this resemblance that many people get confused when people use two different words to refer to the same plant.

With that said, let’s cover a few features of this plant.

bamboo palm

A Bamboo palm can grow up to 18 feet and sometimes even taller than that. So, if you’re planning on keeping this plant indoors, make sure there is sufficient space for the growth of this palm.

In the long run, you can try following the trimming methods to maintain the shape and size of the plant.

However, to avoid excessive work, it is better to choose an open location where you don’t have to worry about Bamboo palm poking the roof of your house. This plant looks perfect indoors and magnifies the beauty of your home.

There are many benefits attached to keeping a Bamboo palm inside your house. Aside from the fresh supply of oxygen, these plants help reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds in the air.

So, these palms will not only add to the beauty of your home but also make it easier to manage the health of your family.

There are no downsides to adding these types of plants to your home for decoration purposes.

Once you get used to it, it doesn’t take much time to keep up with the care of these plants. So, if you’re thinking of getting into this hobby, Bamboo palm is a perfect method to get started.

Areca Palm

As mentioned before, the Bamboo palm is just another name for the Areca Palm. There are no differences between the two palms, and people like to use this name because of the bamboo-like structure. These plants can grow to massive lengths, making them perfect for open spaces.

To maintain this tall structure, the width of this palm can also cover several feet.

areca palm

So, if you’re not planning on using any pruning techniques, you need to think of an open place to put your plants in.

Areca Palm is not that difficult to maintain, and many beginners have mentioned that they started with an Areca Palm. So, if you’re thinking of getting into gardening, then Areca Palm might be the perfect option for you.

All you need to look towards is managing the schedule and taking some time out of your routine daily. That way, you won’t have to worry about Areca Palm looking out of place in your home.

As long as you manage the location perfectly, this plant will look perfect in your home and also have a positive impact on your health.

It takes over three years to mature and can survive in partial sun. Just make sure that you’re using the right potting mixture for this palm to avoid any infection and nutrition issues in the long run.

Asking an expert to help you with the care tips can also be very beneficial in the initial stages.

Areca or Bamboo Palm Features

Its Various Names 

Areca palm is commonly called with its nickname Bamboo palm.

The Areca palm has several other names commonly used instead of the original name Areca. Mainly it is because of the appearance of this palm that gives it its nick name.

One of the commonly used nicknames is Bamboo palm for Areca Palm.

The plant has yellowish-green stems often found in clusters resembling bamboo hence referred to as bamboo palms. Another name they are called is Butterfly palm due to their butterfly-shaped wings that are arched and also big.

Some other names Areca palm is referred to are Golden Cane Palm, Yellow Palm, and Feather Palm.

Leaves; Shape, Texture, and Color 

Areca palm leaves are curved shaped, as mentioned above, which also gives them their nickname, the butterfly palm. The leaves are ascending with sheaths.

The stems grow in clusters, each having six to eight or sometimes even longer curved yellow-green leaves that are curved upwards to the apex and create a butterfly look.

The leaves of the Areca plants are lush greenish yellow and give your indoor and outdoors an exotic look of the forest. The freshness, together with their oxygen supply, makes them when of the best indoor plants.

Depending on the color change, you can determine what is happening with your Areca plant.

Where a yellow leaf indicates that the plant has low water content, the brown discoloration indicates the leaf has died and it’s time for you to do some maintenance.

In contrast to that, if you see a younger leaf turning yellow, you should know this is an indication that you have overwatered the plant.

Although the wilting of leaves is a normal part of the growth cycle, it is necessary to upkeep the plant by removing the dead leaves to give space for the newer ones to grow while not compromising the look of the plant.



Almost all types of palm produce flowers except a few varieties.

The Areca palm produces small flowers that are yellow and usually bloom in late spring or early summer.

You would notice the flowers grow just below the leaves. Furthermore, the Areca palm produces both male and female flowering buds on the plant. 

Growth Requirements and Height 

The Areca palm, like other palm plants, originally are rainforest plant, and so they require temperatures and environments similar to those to thrive.

The optimal temperature for them to grow most desirably is 60 to 70 degrees F. Not too sunny or too cold. This property of the low maintenance Areca palms makes them suitable for indoor decor as they would do well without direct sunlight and in shades.

A sudden increase or decrease in temperatures would halt the growth and may also damage the plant, eventually causing its death.

If maintained properly and watered adequately, the Areca palm trees, also called bamboo palm trees, can grow as high as 20 feet tall. 

However, if you are keeping them indoors, regular trimming and routine maintenance are necessary to keep them mature yet fresh.

Faster Growth

Light and Water Requirements 

The Areca/ bamboo plant is a low-maintenance plant and hence does well even if you don’t water it quite often. 

You would see the plant doing well even if you water it once a week or two.

So if you are a lazy person who isn’t fond of gardening, putting this plant indoors would give you a sigh of relief while also adding to the vibe of your house.

Furthermore, one must remember overwatering these plants would result in plant leaves wilting and will endanger the plant. 

So be careful when making a schedule for watering your indoor plants.

In addition, you’d be glad to know that Areca palm goes well in partial sunlight and shade. It’s not one of the plants that require direct sunlight, so you wouldn’t have to pick the plant up and take it in sunlight every two days, so it remains fresh. 


Areca plants do well in almost all kinds of peat potting soil if you are planting them in pots to enhance the beauty of your indoors. However, if you are likely to plant them outdoors, normal clay and sand would do well for their health, growth, and life.

In combination with the soil, the plant fertilizer also aids in the growth and nourishment of the plant. The Bamboo palm likes its fertilizer and behaves well with it in spring and early fall.


Since the plant is in its dormant during most of the fall and in winter, it doesn’t require fertilizer, particularly at that time of the year


Overall, Areca palm or Bamboo palm is perfect for your household and can be managed quite easily. Once again, there are no differences between the two plants, and the names are used interchangeably to refer to the same plant.

So, if you were concerned about the different aspects, there are none. Hopefully, this helps clarify any misunderstanding you might have regarding Areca or Bamboo palm.

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