Why Auto Choke Lawn Mower Won’t Start? (Explained)

auto choke lawn mower won't start
auto choke lawn mower won’t start

The lawnmowers have become critical for everyone who has a lawn or a yard to make sure everything is well-maintained. So, imagine having to mow the garden but the auto choke lawn mower won’t start – won’t that be frustrating? It is surely frustrating but you need to follow a correct troubleshooting guide to get the best performance. with this article, we are sharing the possible solutions!

Auto Choke Lawn Mower Won’t Start

The Auto Choke Of Lawn Mowers

To illustrate, the automated choke is known as a carburetor valve that helps maintain the correct ratio of fuel and air mixture whenever the engine cranks. In addition, it adjusts the changes in temperature whenever the engine warms up and it also allows sufficient airflow into the engine. Having said that, when the auto chock stops the airflow, it will start mixing the fuel and air at once, resulting in improper engine operations and the lawnmower won’t start. Now that you understand the importance of a lawnmower and its auto choke, let’s see how you can start it again!

The problem incurs when the choke butterfly doesn’t close down properly even if you are trying to take it out of the shut position. It generally happens when the entire arm that holds and controls the auto choke function is pushed away from the carburetor (it could be because of the vibrations).

Air Filter Assembly

First of all, you have to check the air filter assembly. For this purpose, you need to ensure that the engine of the lawnmower is cold. Then, you will see two bolts that are responsible for holding the air filter assembly that’s placed on the carburetor – you must remove the bolts. For this purpose, you might have to opt for an impact gun and an 8mm socket. As a result, the entire air filter assembly will come off.

When the bolts come out, you have to follow through the throttle linkage that’s going in the direction of a carburetor. As we have already mentioned, the choke mechanism is usually pushed out and you will be able to see it. Now coming forward to the solution part, you need to get your hands on a pair of pliers and pull the choke mechanism back in its place. For this purpose, it’s best to start with smaller increments in the pulling (it’s best to keep it less than one-quarter inch).

In addition to this, you need to push the choke mechanism in the opposite direction, away from your mower’s carburetor. As a result, you will be able to see that the choke butterfly closes up and is assembled nicely. However, before you finalize everything, you must test it by pushing open the choke and see if it automatically closes up. If it happens, you can assemble everything back in place and start using the lawnmower.

To summarize, you need to follow the above-mentioned instructions carefully to ensure there are no compromises on the performance and functionality of the lawnmower and auto choke.

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