Comparing Arugula vs Kale: What Makes Them Different?

Arugula vs Kale
Arugula vs Kale

Gardening is a famous hobby that lets people relieve their stress while also making their gardens look better. This can be amazing but there are tons of things that you need to keep in mind. Most of the features of a flower depend on the type that you decide to plant. This is why it is essential that you carefully select the plants that you want to keep in your garden. While some of these look beautiful, others can have unique scents of medicinal properties on them.

Talking about this, people often think about planting vegetables in their gardens. This is because these come with unique benefits that can be amazing for you. Arugula and kale are two of the most famous types of green vegetables that you can get for your garden. Though, there are also tons of similarities between the two flowers that might confuse people at first. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between the two vegetable plants.

Arugula vs Kale Comparison


Arugula or also known as the rocket is a plant from the family Brassicaceae that is often used as a leaf vegetable. The edible plant can be used for its unique taste which is slightly bitter and has a peppery flavor on it. Several other names are used to identify this plant including rugula, rucoli, rucola, and roquette. Other than this, one of the best things about vegetable is how healthy it is.

On top of having a plant that can be used in your dishes, people also have the option to add health benefits to the recipe. When comparing arugula with kale, you will notice that this has a lot more calcium and zinc. The vegetable also has naturally occurring sugars that give it a sweeter taste while having fewer carbohydrates.

Moreover, the amount of magnesium and iron in both kale and arugula are the same. Some people wonder why arugula is loved so much, when it comes to this, you should note that its unique flavor can make your dishes a lot better. This will give them a peppery taste that is easily distinguishable when compared with similar green vegetables. The plant is also sometimes known as an immune booster because of all the vitamin C that it contains.

You can also add the ingredient to almost every dish because it can make it taste even better. A handful of arugulas should be enough to make your dishes taste delicious but there is a trick that you need to keep in mind. The vegetable should be used when your dish has been cooked. Adding it beforehand and then proceeding to cook can make the green leaves get slimy which ruins its taste.


Kale or leaf cabbages are green vegetables that people often plant in their gardens. These belong to the family of cabbages and are usually grown for their edible leaves. Though, some people also use these as ornamentals because of how attractive the leaves look. The plants grow both purple as well as green leaves, but these usually depend on the variety that you decide to plant.

With that being said, kales can be used in numerous dishes that often also require the ingredient as their base. On top of this, the green vegetable is quite healthy as it is packed with nutrients. This is why people often decide to plant tons of kale plants in their gardens. You should note that both kale and arugula have tons of nutrients that make them quite beneficial.

However, kale has a lot more nutrients and a wider use range which makes it a better option for most people. Talking about this, people can easily understand how the two green vegetables are different from each other. But the choice usually depends on the user’s personal preferences. Considering this, you can easily select which plant to use in your garden.

People who are thinking about growing both arugula and kale should note that both of these vegetables require similar nutrients. This is why you will have to keep the plants away from each other so that both of them can grow properly. Keeping them close can prevent both the vegetables from growing as the nutrients required are not fulfilled.

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