Ants On Succulents: What To Do?

ants on succulents
ants on succulents

There are many methods that can be used to get rid of ants naturally. Most people like to rely on cinnamon sprinkles and coffee grounds because of their efficiency as a pest repellant. So, if you want to avoid ant infestation in your garden, it is best to be proactive and practice the use of these ingredients to get ahead.

Many gardeners have recently been asking about ants on succulents and how to maneuver around this issue. Let’s cover some applicable methods that might prove useful in the long run.

Ants On Succulents 

There are a lot of indicators that can point towards ant infestation in your succulents. It can be quite damning for your plants if you don’t work towards removing the ants from the plant. So, if you’re noticing a dull color in the plant and the width of the succulent has reduced substantially, it indicates an ant infestation in the roots. Aside from the movement of the ants across the potting mixture, you will notice stunted growth and the succulent can die if you don’t practice proper care tips immediately.

After the identification of this issue, you need to look towards repotting the succulent after proper treatment. Start the process by submerging the roots of the plant in a container filled with clean water. You need to gently rinse off any debris or insects attached to the root of this plant. Once the roots are clean, you can sprinkle cinnamon on the roots of the succulents to discourage fungus growth and ant activity.

The cinnamon powder is quite effective against ants and yields satisfactory results without damaging the plant. Now, you are ready to place this plant in a new pot. Before planting your succulent make sure that the pot is perfectly clean and the potting mixture has sufficient qualities to sustain the growth of the roots. You need to dispose of the old potting mixture and never use that for growing your plants.

After repotting the succulent, you have to let it dry for a few weeks near a well-lit window. Once the root develops into the new potting mixture, you will notice an instant change in the color as well as the growth of the plant. At this stage, you can casually follow the care tips without worrying about the ant infestation. The sooner you perform this procedure, the better will it be for your plants.

To Conclude

If you’re noticing stunted growth and discoloring in your succulents after a bit of ant movement then it is likely that the ant infestation has spread to the roots of your plant. At this stage, you need to take action immediately and remove the ants from the plant.

All you have to do is take out the succulents carefully and clean the roots. Then you can plant the succulents in a new pot after treating the roots with cinnamon sprinkles to discourage fungus growth. After following these steps, place the new pot near a well-lit window and you will notice the improvement in the plant’s health after a few weeks.

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