Why 24 Hour Light For Tomato Seedlings Is Important

24 hour light for tomato seedlings
24 hour light for tomato seedlings

The requirements of sunlight and water can vary from plant to plant. Some plants are pretty easy to grow, and they can withstand harsh environments. These kinds of plants are best to use in regions with extreme weather conditions.

While on the other hand, some plants are exceptionally delicate, and they die as soon as there is a sudden change in the environment. A lot of gardeners are unsure about the light requirements of tomato seedlings. Let’s briefly cover the topic of 24 hour light for tomato seedlings so that you can get a better understanding.

24 Hour Light For Tomato Seedlings

There have been many types of research showing that tomatoes can grow all around the day if sufficient light is provided. This exceptional quality sets tomatoes apart from most other plants. People use artificial light to speed up the growth of these plants exponentially.

The difference between providing 24 hour light and 12 hour light is substantial. However, you have to keep many things in mind before deciding to boost the plant’s growth.

Even though there are no adverse effects of providing 24 hour light to plant, most gardeners still prefer to stay between the 17-19 hour range. The tomatoes grow considerably fast, and it is easier for the gardeners to manage the plant. However, if you want maximum growth, then 24 hour light for tomato seedlings would be the way to go. It would take less time for the seedlings to grow, and you might have to plant them outdoors in due time.

Dealing With The Weather

If the weather conditions are not ideal outside by the time your seedling has grown, that can cause issues for your tomatoes.  While providing artificial light, you would also have to keep the distance of the light from the plants in check. Usually, the space of a few inches is enough to manage the needs of the plant. However, it is still better to check the owner’s manual to get accurate information.

A local gardening expert can also better guide you about the different artificial light brands you should use for your tomato seedling. Some gardeners do say that too much light is not suitable for the plant, but on the other hand, many gardeners have experimented with providing 24 hour light to tomato seedlings. So far, you won’t see any complaints from people regarding this method. But if you are worried and want to remain on the safe side, then 17 hours of light should be good enough.

To Conclude

It entirely depends on your object that whether or not you should provide 24 hours light for tomato seedlings. If you want rapid growth and favorable environmental conditions outdoors, you should go ahead with this method. The plants will grow pretty quickly, and you won’t have any trouble planting them outside after the seedlings have developed.

However, if the conditions outside are not favorable yet, then you should avoid this method. Grow the tomatoes in natural light slowly until the weather conditions become favorable. That way you will get a lot more produce from your garden.

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  1. Is there any benefit to the light on a cloudy day – say a 2 on the uv index?

    Or does it need to be sunny? On cloudy days like this I never know whether to put my tomato seedlings in my little plastic greenhouse or leave them in my basement with grow lights


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