Orchid Stem Turning Yellow: 3 Reasons

Why Is My Orchid Stem Turning Yellow
Why Is My Orchid Stem Turning Yellow

Orchids are famous plants with over 1000 species. The characteristics of the flowers can vary from variety to variety but there are also tons of similarities between them. The unique shape of the flowers is an easy way to tell if the plants are orchids or not. Though, their size and colors on them can be quite different. If you are thinking about planting these in your garden, then this can be a great option. This is because the flowers are easy to maintain and can last you a long time without any issues.

Orchid Stem Turning Yellow

As long as the proper steps required to keep them healthy are taken, your orchids should bloom throughout their season. With that being said, recently some people have been reporting that their orchids have been running into some issues. A common question that is often asked is “Why is my orchid stem turning yellow?”. If you are getting the same problem with your flowers, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it. We will also provide you with steps that can be taken to fix this problem.

  1. Amount Of Sunlight Your Plant Is Getting

When growing flowers like orchids, people should first carefully go through the steps required to keep them healthy. Most people already know that these flowers require sunlight and water to keep themselves healthy. However, the amount of sunlight that your plant is getting is also an important factor to keep in mind.

In most cases, the stems turning yellow means that the plant is receiving too much sunlight. This causes them to change their color to yellow, then a darker shade, and eventually black. The colors changing on your stem indicate the condition of your orchids as well as their health. If you continue to keep the plant in the same location, then it will soon die out.

This is why people should understand how important it can be to take care of the problem. Start by moving your orchids to a location where the light is less bright. If moving your flowers is not possible then trying purchase a green shade. These are quite cheap, and they can be installed above your plant to keep them safe from sunlight.

As long as the shade stays in place, most of the excess light should be blocked, keeping your flowers left behind safe. The yellow color can take a few days to turn back green which is why staying patient is important.

  1. Amount Of Water Being Used

Other than sunlight, excess water can also damage the flowers in the same manner. You should note that this problem can both be from lack of water or too much of it. This is why start by confirming what is causing the issue before you take any steps to fix it.

Checking the condition of the stem and leaves on your orchids should help you in understanding what is causing the problem. If the leaves, feel dry then your orchids are not getting enough water. On the other hand, if the orchids are wet to the touch, then they might be overwatered. Simply increasing or decreasing the amount of water being poured can be enough to fix your problem.

Although, it is important to note that keeping a check over all of this every day can be difficult for some users. This is why you can also set up a drainage system in your garden that takes away all of this hassle. The system allows the extra liquid inside the soil to escape through it, leaving the soil behind moist.

  1. Lack Of Nutrients

Finally, if you are still getting the same problem with your orchids then there is a high chance that these are lacking nutrients. Keep in mind that this is only possible if you are trying to grow the flowers in a location where the temperatures are not optimal for them.

This is why there is only one thing that you can try and even it might not work in some cases. Talking about this, find a fertilizer pack that has all the minerals required by your orchids. As long as you pour this on your plant after every 3 weeks, the stems should remain green and keep the flowers blooming.

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