SunPatiens Bloom Time: What You Need To Know

sunpatiens bloom time
sunpatiens bloom time

SunPatiens is one of the most famous flowers that people all around the world think about planting in their gardens. When it comes to this, you should note that the flower is a hybrid made by a famous seed company from Japan.

This is why it has its unique characteristics but most of these are similar to the original Impatiens flowers that the hybrid was made from. The flower also comes in different color options that can be used to fill up your garden.

SunPatiens Bloom Time

People thinking about planting SunPatiens in their gardens often question what the bloom time for it is. This is important as the following time refers to how long the plant will keep growing its flavors. The bloom time is one of the most important factors that people go through when planting these in their gardens. Not only does this allow them to understand the time their grounds will be filled up with flowers, but it can also help in maintaining it.

Talking about this, SunPatiens is mostly known for having a longer bloom time when compared to other famous plants. The time lasts from spring to fall, and the flowers will only stop growing until heavy frosts start to fall. Considering this, you can start cutting the stems on your plants and start giving the soil fertilizers as soon as spring comes near.

This will help you in ensuring that you get the best possible flowers on your plant. Other than this, another thing to keep in mind about SunPatiens is that the flower comes with thicker petals and leaves than its original impatiens counterpart. This helps the plant in keeping itself protected from different diseases caused by the fungus as well as any damage.

How Long Do SunPatiens Take to Bloom?

Now that you understand the bloom time for SunPatiens, people might often question how long the flower takes to bloom. When it comes to this, you should note that the size of this flower is quite large when compared to standard flowers.

The size is quite important as the larger a flower is, the more time it requires to bloom. A standard SunPatiens flower should take between 5 to 7 days to completely blossom. In some cases, the time might be a little lower or higher depending on the size and weather conditions near the plant.

Keeping this in mind, you should wait for the flowers to blossom properly and if you notice that it is taking a long time then try fertilizing the soil around it. Plants also require water and nutrients to keep themselves healthy which is why keeping them maintained is essential.


Now that you know more about the bloom time of SunPatiens and every other important detail about the topic, you can easily add some of these to your garden. With the details shared here kept in mind, you’ll have no troubles with this flower.

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