Skid Steer Tooth Bucket vs Skid Steer Smooth Bucket – When To Use?

skid steer tooth bucket vs smooth
skid steer tooth bucket vs smooth

A skid steer is a job site workhorse that comes with a track or wheels. It is also called a Bobcat. Each side of this heavy equipment has two lifting arms. The popularity of the skid steer loader is mainly because of its compact size that fits pretty well in small locations and work projects.

Whether your project is based on landscape, construction, or agriculture, a skid steer loader can efficiently help you lift and move heavy material.

That being said, the capabilities of this equipment can be diversified with a number of different attachments. Every kind of attachment has its own role in increasing productivity in a particular project.

Choosing the right skid steer attachment can be a daunting task because there exists a large variety of attachments on the market. Secondly, your inexperience with the job requirements can also confuse you in making a decision.

Therefore, you better ask an expert to help you with the choice of a skid steer attachment as per your needs. With the right attachment, the execution of multiple applications is possible.

Lately, a number of debates are going on about the comparison between the performance of a skid steer tooth bucket and a skid steer smooth bucket. There is a detailed analysis of both of these buckets in the following article. So, let’s move on to studying their individual features.

Features Skid Steer Tooth Bucket Skid Steer Smooth Bucket
Versatility No Yes
Digging Performance Great Satisfactory
Farm Grading Tasks Unable to perform Great at them
Customization No Yes

Skid Steer Tooth Bucket vs Skid Steer Smooth Bucket: When To Use?

Skid Steer Tooth Bucket

There is no end to the pros of a skid steer with a tooth bucket. The digging performance of a tooth bucket is exceptional, as evident from its name. However, it’s not as versatile as a smooth bucket. But it is still a perfect attachment to free up compacted soil in summer jobs.



The tooth bucket shines whenever it is used for the aeration of compacted soil projects in extreme weather conditions. The teeth welded to the bucket promise durability and strength to the users.

A bucket is more likely to stand corrosion and rust if it has teeth. This makes a skid steer tooth bucket a pretty useful option to consider in terms of strengthening.



The design of a tooth bucket is made in accordance with its pushing and lifting tasks. For the reinforcement of the bucket, double steel plating is used on the top and bottom of the toothed bucket. The loading of the bucket is easy because of its interior round-back design. It is also convenient whenever you have to do the cleanout.

This line of work always comes with stress which requires the proper reinforcement and structural strength of the bucket. A tooth bucket is a highly dependable bucket that can deliver everything mentioned above.


Having said that, it is not as effective as a smooth bucket in the grading of the farm and removal of the snow. In case you have in mind that your land needs smoothing, that’s not possible with the toothed bucket, obviously because of its teeth. It is made for different conditions.

Regardless, the role and use of a tooth bucket in digging projects are matchless. The compacted soil is easily freed up with a tooth bucket. A skid steers tooth bucket is a perfect combination for the jobs like loading, digging, and spreading.

Everything mentioned, the inability of the toothed bucket for the management of the final presentation of the project and for the grading of the farm still stands there.

Skid Steer Smooth Bucket

Skid Steer Smooth Bucket

As it is clear in the name, a skid steer smooth bucket has no teeth. However, it can attach a tooth bar if you want to make it a tooth bucket. This feature just brings a whole new perspective to the smooth bucket and diversifies its uses.


You can easily attach and remove the teeth in accordance with your convenience. It is not necessary for the teeth to be welded on your bucket. You can add them to a smooth bucket for performing the tasks that require digging.

The customization of the smooth bucket saves you from the troubles of getting your bucket permanently welded. The credit goes to the designers who added a grand versatility to this equipment by making it prone to customization.


There is no tearing involved with the smooth bucket. All you have to do is scrape away the concrete in a way that leaves no mess behind. Grading projects cannot be accomplished unless there is a smooth bucket attached to the skid steer.

Its inability to dig the ground doesn’t stop it from being functional in plenty of other work projects. With a smooth bucket, you can easily scrape asphalt without causing any damage to the smooth finish.

The top of the bucket gets unyielding strength from the strong hat section. The use of heavy-duty steel brings a whole new strength and protection to the bucket sides. Landscapers love the bottom of the bucket, which is set in accordance with its closeness to the ground.



The best thing about the smooth bucket is its amazing utility when it comes to the transfer of load from one worksite to another. It ensures that the dirt is kept from getting mixed in with the materials. This is why the evaluation of your work conditions is crucial before you settle for a skid steer bucket.

Users with no budget restrictions purchase both these buckets and get benefitted. The project requirements may vary, and so does the choice of the bucket.

This is a great approach because if you rely on just one of the buckets to get you through all of your landscaping projects, you are highly mistaken. The help you get from both a tooth bucket and a smooth bucket, in the long run, is unreal.


A skid steer tooth bucket is an ideal option for people who live in extreme conditions and need the digging of soil for conditions like frozen ground, hardpan, etc.

On the other hand, a skid steer smooth bucket is suitable for mild projects like scooping up the snow and creating a clean finish. Besides, there is more variety in the functions of a smooth bucket.

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