Outside Pride Seed Reviews – Are These Reliable?

outside pride seed reviews
outside pride seed reviews

Seeds are one of the most important things when it comes to agriculture. If you are also the one who is looking for seeds, then you should go for seeds that have maximum productivity. It is also necessary to select seeds that require less maintenance and have less dependency on the environment.

Before selecting the seed from your list, it is usually advised to go through the reviews of the customers, who are currently in use of the product. If you are looking for Outside Pride Seed reviews, we have prepared a guide for you, which is based on the user experience of the customers. It is advised, to go through all the details mentioned below.

Outside Pride Seed Reviews

Outside Pride is an online store, which sells seeds and other gardening products. Their customers are not satisfied with their products. It is because they face problems with the seeds they ordered. Many people ordered their seeds and experienced issues that cannot be ignored.

Most of the issues are caused due to the environment they are going to be planted in. The seeds sometimes do not germinate due to environmental issues. When the weather is too hot, the seeds do not germinate. The company does not provide its users with any precautions, and the user is kept in bluff, so then he/she faces issues with the seeds.

While they should provide their users with good service backups, sadly, they do not. As claimed by many users, when you order seeds from them, either the seed fully deteriorates, or the seed does not grow into a plant. The seed takes too long to be delivered. This can be the reason behind seed deterioration. They take no precautions to store seeds, during the delivery, which makes the seed dry and deteriorate.

The Company does not respond to any messages, calls, or emails. If anyone faces any kind of problem with the seed, the company does not even bother to reply to that customer and give a replacement, or refund. Even if they do respond to your email, the process of returning is too long.

At times, the seeds delivered by them are not pure or fresh and look as if they deliver old seeds to their customers. The quality of their seed is not good either. When the plant grows, it shows it all. The ingredients and details they show on their website about any specific seed are not correct either. Sometimes, few seeds grow, but few do not, and as their customer service is horrible, you cannot do anything about it. Their shipping is not free, but they have mentioned on the website that it is free.

It is also worth mentioning how we have seen cases where users seem to have received the wrong order. On top of that, a few customers also had issues with receiving incomplete orders due to which people don’t really prefer going for the brand.

Why Outside Pride Seeds Are Not the One You Should Be Looking For?

Outside pride seeds are not the ones people should be considering buying. Due to bad quality seeds, and fake commitments, they bluff with their customers and might even send them the wrong seeds. What’s worse is that it does not stop here. Cases have been reported where they may label it with the name of the seed you ordered, but the seed inside the package is some other seed, and you will only notice this when the plant is grown.

The service backup is horrible too. They will not respond to your calls or emails. The delivery time is too long. Moreover, no precautions are taken to store seed during delivery, and when the seed is delivered, it is useless. There is no warranty of order. If your order is not correct, you cannot do anything about it. The ingredients of the seeds mentioned on their website are not correct either. Therefore, all these things conclude that you should look for a better alternative for buying seeds.

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