Old vs New Wood Hydrangea: What’s The Difference

old wood vs new wood hydrangea
old wood vs new wood hydrangea

Hydrangeas are ever-changing flowering plants that are loved by gardeners. The plant comes in numerous varieties that you can choose between, and each variety has its unique features. Hence, if you are thinking about planting one of these plants then it can be better that you first go through their details carefully. Understanding what the characteristics of the variety are as well as the steps required to keep them maintained can be quite helpful. The process ensures that people can keep the plants alive for several years and get tons of blooms that will make their gardens look beautiful.

Aside from the different varieties, people will also notice that hydrangea is often categorized between two types. When it comes to this, the plant is referred to as old wood hydrangea or new wood hydrangea. If you are new to this specie, then understanding the differences between these two types can be essential. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between old and new wood hydrangea.

Old Wood Hydrangea vs New Wood Hydrangea

Old Wood Hydrangea

The term old wood hydrangea is used for variants that form small buds on its plants the following year they are planted. These buds will remain closed throughout the year and people have to keep the plant healthy even during winters. The main reason behind this is that once the frost starts melting and spring is near, you will notice that the buds start to open. This can be amazing as people can get their flowers blooming right after the plant is in its bloom time.

The long period required for these flowers to bloom is why these are known as old wood hydrangea. People should understand that almost half of the varieties from the plant fall under this category. Additionally, one major concern that you should be familiar with is how to prune the plant. Invasive flowers like hydrangea have to be kept under control using cutting techniques like this. However, if you try doing this during winters then there is a high chance that the buds will come off.

This can be quite annoying as it means that you will not get any flowers blooming the following year. To prevent this from happening, people have to wait until the bloom time for their plant is over. They can then start pruning the flowers once summer is near. You can continue to do so until new buds are formed and then the same process is repeated. Keep in mind that you should also cut the plant in such a way that its shape is maintained.

New Wood Hydrangea

New wood hydrangea is the variety that forms its buds during the last month of winter. This means that you can continue to prune your plant throughout the winters, allowing it to stay in its best condition once the flowers are in season. The only downside to these variants is that the buds form quite late which is why your bloom is also delayed. People can easily expect the flowers to blossom after a few weeks of spring have gone by.

Now that you understand this, people will notice that both of these categories have unique pros and cons. Depending on what your preferences are, one of the types can be selected and then planted in your garden. People can also plant different categories with each other but maintaining them can be a little complicated.

Luckily, you can easily differentiate between the two categories by observing the plant. The old wood hydrangea should have buds on them while the new wood will only form once winters have started to end. Other than this, most of the maintenance steps and requirements for the two categories are identical. Both of them grow similar flowers that even share their colors.

Finally, if you want to keep your hydrangea in the best condition possible then make sure that you keep these planted under sunlight. No matter what the category is, the light is required by the plant to keep itself healthy. If you notice that the flowers are still not getting enough nutrients, then adding fertilizers to the soil should help you out. Make sure that these are used after every few weeks for the best results.

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