New Holland TC40 Reviews: Should You Buy It?

new holland tc40 reviews
new holland tc40 reviews

New Holland TC40 is a strong tractor that can be used for various reasons for farming and construction purposes.

This compact utility tractor was manufactured back in 2001 to 2003. It’s a 2WD or 4WD compact tractor from the New Holland TC series.

The tractor is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 2.1 L. It has an amazing hydrostatic transmission with 2-range forward and reverses gear.

New Holland is one of the most reliable brands that you are bound to run across to. These tractors are designed to help you on the field through the number of features they provide.

The TC40 further comes in two different models TC40 base model and TC40D, the deluxe model.

Regarding the specifics, the New Holland TC40 is a solid choice.

However, there are some particular problems that we have seen some users have, which made them skeptical about these tractors. If you have found yourself to be one of these users, here are our reviews on the New Holland TC40.

If you are planning to get the New Holland TC40, you must do your research before investing one big amount. 

So, for your ease of decision, we have put together the specifications of the New Holland TC40, its price, engine oil capacity, and its reviews.

Going through this blog post would help you decide if this compact utility tractor is worth buying and will fulfill all your needs and requirements.

New Holland TC40 Reviews

The Specifications

When it comes to pure specifications, the New Holland TC40 packs a great deal inside by delivering users a whole bunch of features that are all aimed at delivering exciting features.

These tractors come equipped with the Shibura N844 diesel 4-cylinder 121.7 ci engine capable of delivering around 40 hp of power at an rpm of over 2600. On paper, that’s impressive.

Not only that, but the engine is completely liquid-cooled, which helps the tractor avoid overheating problems that most people run into.

The liquid coolant engine makes it a perfect choice for working uphill or in crowded areas, as the moving parts of the tractor don’t overheat or expand while at work.

Although air-coolant engines are fuel efficient, save fuel, and require less engine space, they are less efficient than liquid-cooled engines.

Engine Issues

Hence this feature makes it a high-performance utility tractor delivering quality work at your application sites.

It is also worth mentioning that the fuel capacity inside the New Holland TC40 is 13 gallons which makes up for around 49 liters of fuel, allowing you to work for long hours without having to worry about running out of fuel. 

The tractor also comes with a single battery with 12 volts charge that should be more than enough to get you through most of your tasks without any issues.

So if the tractor’s fuel capacity and battery life are your priority and your workload is pretty much, then considering this tractor with 40 hp and excellent fuel capacity and battery life should be your top choice among the recent as well old tractors. 

Build Quality

The build quality of the New Holland TC40 is just what you’d expect from any other New Holland product.

There aren’t any low-quality materials that are being used on the tractor. Apart from that, there are a whole lot of premium-graded components that are all made to make the tractor work like a charm.

However, it is worth mentioning that we have seen certain users complain about the dimensions of the tractor not being according to their requirements.

Keep in mind the New Holland TC40 series are huge in size, weighing around 1300 kgs to around 1500 kgs depending on the model you are using.

The ground clearance is also 14 inches, making it suitable for construction and farming purposes. 

Still, buying it for your use is a debate as it completely depends on the customer’s personal preference.

Besides it, you shouldn’t have any major issues with the build quality of the tractor, considering its outer, as well as the interior, is made of too notch quality that is sturdy and sustainable.


Pricing is one of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing any tractor. Considering the huge number of benefits that the tractor comes packed in with, the pricing of the tractor is completely justifiable.

You should be able to find the tractor without having to spend a whole fortune. You can find new and used models of the same tractor without issues.

The price may range depending on the seller and their location.


On average, you can get a used secondhand New Holland TC40 tractor and a new one between the price range of 16000 dollars to around 22000 dollars.

Considering all the amazing features this tractor has, the price shouldn’t keep you from getting this one.

However, one must remember the budget if you are planning to get this tractor with plenty of other things for your farm.

User Review

Before we give our final opinion on the tractor, it is important that we look at what most of the users who have previously used the tractor have to say about the model.

Most of the reviews we came across were of users who were fully satisfied with their purchases.

Below we will summarize a few of the customer reviews for New Holland TC40 models and whether you should invest in them.

It will also give you information about the aspects which are bothersome for the customers and need focus.

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A customer had given an overall rating of more than 4.6 for performance, considering the only problem he has faced with the tractor is the extreme cold weather keeps the tractor from cooling. 

This is justified as the liquid coolant is less efficient than air-cooled coolant in extremely cold conditions.

So buying this New Holland Tc40 in extremely cold areas for your work is not entirely a good choice.

You can try looking for fuel-efficient and air-coolant engines if you are a resident of areas with cold temperatures.

Another review states that the customers have been using the New Holland since the last summer without proper upkeep.

However, they are glad even with the low maintenance. The tractor is a great deal to have and worth the investment.

They are low-maintenance compact utility tractors and comparatively easy to operate, and users recommended both the hydrostatic and super-steer options for quick and easy performance in various operations. 

In another review, a customer who had bought a secondhand, used tractor that had already been used for 300 hours reviewed the loader as good too.

However, the hydrostatic transmission may get weak and slip, but it will occur only in high ranges and not all the time everywhere. With a little service and checkup, it must start doing well again.


Similarly, another reviewer stated that he has been using it for quite a long time for different applications, including building a retaining wall and doing a lot of drainage work in addition to several other applications.

Fortunately, it has always performed up to the mark and has never disappointed. A user recommended it to other buyers and kept it on his top list if he ever plans to get another one.

According to all these users, the tractor had all the features that they were looking for, with excellent performance and ease of use.

Not only that, but they also had a great time operating the tractor. As a matter of fact, we could hardly find any negative reviews on the tractor as most of the users were more than happy with their purchase.

In addition to all these positive reviews that would incline you towards investing in this compact loader, you should also know the warranty the brand offers for your motor vehicles. 

New Holland offers around 6000 hours or 6 years warranty to its customers for its tractors and loader, with whatever reaches first. 

So it virtually keeps you covered for the long run, and even if you run into any problems, getting it done under warranty claims will save you a lot of money and hassle.


Although there are a few reviews that are not up to the mark and are mostly substandard, they are quite a few, and they mostly depend on how the customer uses them. 

The Bottom Line:

The New Holland TC40 packs in a whole lot of features that are all incorporated inside the tractor to give you a better experience while operating it.

Coming with the great build quality and exceptional performance, the tractor has all that you will possibly need.

So, in case you were wondering whether you should buy the tractor or not, you should most definitely go for it, especially if you can get a good deal out of it.

This concludes our review of the New Holland TC40. For more like this, check out our other reviews done on all kinds of New Holland tractors.

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