John Deere 4960 vs 8300: Which Option Is Better?

john deere 4960 vs 8300
john deere 4960 vs 8300

Tractors are one of the most quality machines that John Deere manufacturers are providing to the community. Their tractors are highly powered that can perform operations in any kind of field. Moreover, their users are quite satisfied with the build quality of their tractors.

It is because their tractors have highly durable and long-lasting engines. If you are also interested in purchasing one of John Deere’s tractors then it is quite likely that John Deere’s 4960 and 8300 would be on your list. Both of them are quite famous and it is difficult to choose one. We have prepared this comparison between John Deere 4960 vs 8300 to help with this.

This comparison will help you in understanding the basic difference between the two. We advise you to read all the distinguishing features between the two and purchase the one that best suits your local conditions.

Comparing John Deere 4960 vs 8300

JD 4960

John Deere 4960 is a two hundred horsepower tractor that can be operated in small to medium-ranged activities. Moreover, it has a six-cylinder engine along with the option of two and four-wheel drive. This tractor is best for plain areas, but they would not be able to operate in hilly areas due to less engine power.

JD 8300

John Deere 8300 also consists engine of two hundred horsepower and a six-cylinder engine. Moreover, this model is quite suitable for rough and harsh conditions because of its high build quality. The fuel capacity of this model is quite good. It has a capacity of approximately one hundred and thirty-five gallons. The John Deere manufacturers have installed an air-conditioned cabin to create a comfortable environment for the operators.

What Is The Difference Between John Deere 4960 And 8300?

There are many distinguishing features between the two models but we have listed one of the most common ones in the following paragraphs:

Users Comfort

User comfort should be given priority whenever you are purchasing a machine for your machine. It is because non-comfortable machines are less expensive, but the overall productivity of these machines is quite low. Users cannot operate these machines for longer time intervals because they get tired after working for some time. The things considered to ensure user comfortability are the following:

  1. Cabin should be spacious,
  2. It should have automatic seat installed,
  3. It should have AC installed,
  4. It should facilitate the operator with automation of daily activities like traction control etc.

In the case of John Deere 4960 and 8300, John Deere 8300 is most comfortable. They have installed many options for the comfort of the operator. The operators have been provided with an air-conditioned cabin so that they can work in warm weather. On the other hand, John Deere 4960 is also comfortable to operate, but it is comparatively less as compared to 8300. Therefore, if comfort is the priority then you should opt for John Deere 8300.


Another distinguishing feature between John Deere 4690 and 8300 is their price. It is a fact that the greater the price, the greater will be its features. Moreover, price is the first factor that a purchaser looks for because they want a tractor that provides maximum features on a limited budget.

In the case of our comparison, John Deere 8300 is more expensive as compared to 4690.

Attachment Options

The number of attachments determines how versatile a tractor can be. For example, if you want to operate your tractor in a snowy area then you should attach a snow scraper. In the same way, you can attach many more attachments.

John Deere 8300 has many more attachment options than 4690. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a tractor that enables the operator to attach attachments then you should select John Deere 8300 for your farm.


It can be concluded that both of these tractors are quite powerful and comfortable. They are suitable for small-to-medium ranged fields because of their engine capacity. Moreover, their comfortable cabins make the operations quite easy, which in return enables the operators to work for longer hours. Therefore, after reading the details mentioned in the above paragraphs you should purchase one that best suits your local conditions.

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