How To Change Blades on Craftsman Riding Mower Without Removing Deck

how to change blades on craftsman riding mower without removing deck
how to change blades on craftsman riding mower without removing deck

There are quite a few riding mower brands on the market, but Craftsman is the one brand that stands out. It is primarily famous for its quality and ease of use. So, if you’re new to gardening and looking to buy a riding mower for your garden, choose Craftsman. Many experts will suggest the same thing to you, and you won’t be disappointed by this purchase.

On online forums, people frequently ask how to change blades on Craftsman Riding Mower without removing the deck. So, let us go over this topic briefly to increase your understanding of the procedure.

How To Change Blades on Craftsman Riding Mower Without Removing Deck

Changing blades on your riding lawn mower will substantially increase the efficiency if you have been using it for a long time. Even though the blade replacement process is supposed to be performed after removing the deck, you can still get the job done with the deck intact. So, if you’re looking to change blades on your Craftsman riding mower without removing the deck, follow the method mentioned below.

You need to start by supporting the mower’s weight on the power jack to lift the machine. At the same time, you should look towards other support methods as there is a good chance that the power jack will slip during the process, and you might hurt yourself. So, after you’ve provided the proper support, lie down on the ground to access the blades of the lawnmower. You will need a socket extension wrench to lose the bolt attached to the blades.

It will take a lot of torque to remove the bolt, so make sure to bring a pipe extension to help with the process. Once the bolt is removed, the rest is straightforward. Just install the new blades into their place and then put the bolt back into the socket. Make sure to tighten the bolt properly to avoid any damages to the machine in the future. Once that bolt is tightened, your job will be done, and you can now use the riding mower with the new blades.

This process might sound easy, but it will take a lot of effort to get the job done. You should look for help from a family member or neighbor to avoid any accidents. That way, you’ll get it done faster and in a safer manner. Hopefully, this will help you change blades without removing the deck on your riding lawnmower.

To Conclude

To change blades on a craftsman riding mower without removing the deck, you need to support the machine’s weight on a power jack and additional support. Once the mower is safely elevated, access the bottom of the deck to loosen the bolt with a socket extension. After removing the bold, take out the old blades and install the new one.

Tighten the bolt properly and then remove the support and the power jack beneath the lawnmower. Now, you can try mowing your lawn with the new blades attached to the machine. Overall, the process is somewhat completed, and we suggest that you rely on an extra pair of hands.

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  1. Thanks for the information

    I have a Craftsmen riding mower Model T 240 and so far have been unsuccessful in removing both blades using a 10” socket extension. This mower only used for 1 mowing season, this rust or corrosion should not be an issue.

    Any suggestions for removing the mowing blade ?


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