Growing Chickpeas Found In Grocery Store – Is It Possible?

growing chickpeas in grocery store
growing chickpeas in grocery store

Chickpeas are another form of edible legumes. They are also called garbanzo beans in multiple regions of the world. Not only do they taste very good, but they also have other advantages which make them so great. For instance, they have an exceptional nutritional value, as they are high in vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Similarly, they offer a unique variety of health benefits that also includes improving digestion. What’s even better is that they are high in protein, which makes them an ideal snack for building and improving muscle growth.

Growing Chickpeas Found In Grocery Store

Just like most legumes, chickpeas are also grown in the very state they are found in grocery stores. However, you may wonder whether growing chickpeas found in the grocery stores is possible or not?

You’d be happy to know that it is actually quite possible. But you might need to test a few things before trying to grow chickpeas. Today, we will be explaining in detail about growing these chickpeas. So, in case you want to learn more about how you can grow chickpeas from the grocery store, then we suggest you stay with us!

How to Achieve This?

While it is definitely possible, there is still a high chance that these chickpeas may not grow at all. You see, there are still some factors that come into play. First and foremost, if the chickpeas that you are trying to grow are very old, they shouldn’t be able to grow.

Similarly, you could find low-quality chickpeas that have most probably lost their ability to germinate. In both these cases, there is a good chance that these chickpeas will fail to grow.

Also, it is really not recommended to grow chickpeas bought from the grocery store. You are free to grow them as an experiment of some sort. However, don’t use a single chickpea in case you want to try growing them.

Instead, we suggest planting multiple chickpeas on the soil. This way, even if some of the chickpeas do fail to grow, others might do. In case the grocery store does mention the growth and expiry date of the chickpeas, we suggest picking the newest chickpeas out of the batch.

You can experiment with the growth rate of chickpeas by making use of paper towels. Simple soak and put these paper towels on top of each other while sandwiching the chickpeas. Afterward, put the paper towels in a plastic bag. Ensure that you put the plastic bag in a warm place.

After a week or two, check if any of the chickpeas have had sprouted. If they had, then you can definitely grow these chickpeas.

The Bottom Line

The article had all the details that you need to know about growing chickpeas found in the grocery stores. If you have ever wanted to experiment with growing these chickpeas, we strongly recommend giving this article a read. Doing so should help you figure out how you can successfully grow them.

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