Bobcat Mini Track Loader vs Toro Dingo – Which One To Buy?

bobcat mini track loader vs toro dingo
bobcat mini track loader vs toro dingo

As a star piece of equipment at your construction site, a track loader helps you in many ways. It is powerful machinery used to load material, such as rock and sand, and transfer them from one place to another.

It can help you accomplish a wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently. Modern track loaders are equipped with many automatic features and make laborious construction work an absolute cinch.

With that out of the way, if you are new to construction work and are looking to purchase your first track loader, you may go through a dilemma. With hundreds and hundreds of companies, the track loader industry is highly competitive.

Expectedly then, it is quite challenging for a first-timer to choose a track loader that suits their needs and budget.

Bobcat mini track loader and Toro Dingo are the two most sought-after track loaders in the industry. Thousands of construction workers rely on these track loaders to complete their tasks.

Both pack many stellar features and are highly durable. So, how do you know which one to buy? What features do they have, and do they justify their price tags? In this article, we will be comparing these two track loaders in detail. Read on to find which one is better.

Bobcat Mini Track Loader vs Toro Dingo

Below is a detailed comparison between the Bobcat mini and Toro Dingo track loaders.

Comparison Table

Features Bobcat Mini Toro Dingo
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Engine power 24.8 hp 24.9 hp
Platform Ride-on Ride-on
Price Moderate High

Bobcat Mini Track Loader

The Bobcat mini track loader is manufactured by Bobcat, a popular company that specializes in manufacturing heavy machinery for construction. Headquartered in North Dakota, USA, the company was established in 1947.

It has come a long way since its inception, and today, it is among the big guns in the track loader industry.

All track loaders manufactured by Bobcat are durable and powerful, and the mini track loader is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at it and see what’s so special about it.


this track loader packs a powerful punch

The name “mini” track loader may make you think that the Bobcat mini track loader is not powerful enough. However, it turns out that this track loader packs a powerful punch.

For starters, it comes with a powerful diesel engine to tackle difficult construction-related tasks. The 24.8 hp engine can handle anything you throw at it, be it digging, lifting, or moving heavy loads.

Not only is this 4-tier engine powerful, but also fuel efficient. It’s no secret that skid steer loaders consume an awful lot of fuel, even for simple tasks. Considering the skyrocketing fuel prices in the USA, buying a fuel-efficient track loader is now more important than ever before.

Thankfully, the Bobcat mini track loader has excellent fuel efficiency and will save you a great deal of money in the long run. This makes it an intelligent investment for every company working in the construction industry.

Furthermore, it is seen that diesel engines are more rugged than engines that run on other fuels. They have fewer moving parts; thus, there will be less wear and tear and overheating. In addition to that, these engines do not have spark plugs and spark wires, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.


The Bobcat mini track loader comes with tracks instead of wheels for more versatility. The thing with wheels is that they work well on flat surfaces but start showing problems as soon as you take your track loader to rough terrain.

Tracks, on the other hand, ensure smooth and stable rides on a variety of terrains. Thanks to their lower ground pressure, they are suitable to be used on soft surfaces.

Like most track loaders on the market, the Bobcat mini track loader can also use a wide variety of attachments to suit different tasks, such as trenchers, buckets, spreaders, etc.

You can easily hook up any attachment like a full-sized track loader. However, it is pertinent to mention that the package does not include attachments, and you will have to buy them separately.

The ride-on platform is another distinctive feature of the Bobcat mini track loader. Instead of a cabin, it is equipped with a ride-on platform where you can operate it. It is quite comfortable but is not suitable for long working sessions as you may feel tired after a few hours.

As its name implies, the Bobcat mini track loader is a compact unit. This allows you to take it to places where a large-sized unit can’t work. As a cherry on the cake, the compact size makes it faster than most track loaders.

It skids on all surfaces with ease, allowing you to complete your tasks quickly. All these features make the Bobcat mini one of the best compact track loaders on the market.

Toro Dingo Track Loader

Manufactured by Toro, the Toro Dingo is another excellent and well-constructed track loader. It is manufactured by an industry-leading company, Toro. It has all the features that you’d expect from a flagship-level track loader and ticks all the major boxes. Let’s discuss its features in detail!


features a heavy-duty 24.9 hp engine

First things first, the Toro Dingo track loader features a heavy-duty 24.9 hp engine. This engine is more powerful than the Bobcat mini, but the difference is so subtle that it hardly makes any difference. From tilling to lifting, this track loader is capable of doing everything that a large-sized unit can do.

The Toro Dingo track loader comes with a loader arm design for high weight carrying capacity and greater reach at full height. Regardless of your project magnitude, this track loader won’t let you down.

Moreover, its cooling system works wonders when it comes to dissipating heat. Buy this unit, and rest assured that you won’t experience overheating.


The Toro Dingo track loader offers many options to suit your construction projects. Whether you want a gas engine or diesel engine, vertical lift or radial lift, wheel or tracks, lots of options are available.

If you are to work on flat surfaces only, you can go for the one with wheels. On the contrary, tracks work better on soft and challenging surfaces.

The Toro Dingo track loader also comes in a small size that allows you to work in tight spaces. Furthermore, like the Bobcat mini, it also has a ride-on platform.

Final Verdict

The Bobcat mini and Toro Dingo track loader are two highly popular track loaders used widely to perform construction-related tasks. Both can attach attachments and can be used in hard-to-access areas.

Thanks to its heavy-duty engine and efficient cooling system, the Toro Dingo track loader is the clear winner. The Bobcat mini, on the other hand, would be an excellent choice for those low on the budget.

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