John Deere Air Ride Seat Problems Troubleshooting

john deere air ride seat problems
john deere air ride seat problems

Having an air ride seat is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Injuries to the back, shoulder, and neck are common among people who sit in poor seats. Because of today’s production capabilities, there is a solution to every problem.

Shock absorption, lumbar protection, and cushioning in the air seat make the usage of the seat more comfortable and lessen the physical stress on the body. The seats’ ability to confirm will create a pleasurable experience for the users!

John Deere is an American corporation famous for introducing reliable equipments since 1837. The company develops solutions that ensure the long-term well-being of our clients and communities for the foreseeable future.

Deere & Company has worked with more than 25 brands to deliver innovation for customers in various manufacturing systems. Its mission is to create cutting-edge working tools and equipment. John Deere has introduced a fantastic air ride seat in all of its equipment.

Despite being a trusted corporation, John Deere does not prevent making the perfect. If their air ride seat has any issues, they make sure to be aware of the users for the best possible solution.

The problem might be because of the user’s negligence. But still, John Deere is pretty handy to users. Recently, users have been reporting problems with the air ride seat. This article will explain the issues you might be dealing with in your air ride seat.

Troubleshooting John Deere Air Ride Seat Problems

Air Pump

The air ride seat not working has disappointed a lot of John Deere fans. The air pump that inflates the air seat to make it comfortable may be to blame. If the air pump fails, the seat will not work.  

Therefore, the contributing factors must be fixed immediately. All the possible causes of air pump problems are listed below, along with troubleshooting steps.

  • Switch


Seat height adjustment switches can fail, causing the seat to malfunction. As a result, the seat can get stuck in the lowered position, making it difficult and dangerous to drive the tractor.

A seat switch is located on the side of a vehicle’s seat and is usually found near the floor. The airbag system can be activated and deactivated by pressing the switch.

The seat’s airbag control module and sensors are connected to the seat switch. The airbag system is activated when a person’s weight in the seat presses down on the switch.

When there is no weight on the switch, such as when the seat is empty, the system is turned off. A voltmeter or a test light will be required to check a seat switch.

Probe each seat switch wire with your test light or voltmeter while the ignition is on. One wire should be connected to power, while the other should be grounded.

If you don’t see either power or ground, the seat switch is faulty and needs to be replaced. Remove the carbon from the switch to see if it’s working or not. There’s a chance that the switch won’t function.

Hence, a new switch should be installed to replace the old one. By doing so, the Air Ride seat air pump will start working.

  • Fuse


The air pump’s malfunction may be caused by a faulty fuse. It’s as simple. Just check the fuse box by using an OBD2 scanner to figure out which fuse is terrible. Purchase a new one from a John Deere customer service center after completing an assessment.

If the air ride seat starts working after changing the fuse, you should definitely be more than happy, because getting a fuse will cost you a bare minimum amount of money instead of buying a new air ride seat.

But after that, make sure to pay attention to the John Deere air ride seat’s maintenance and use it clearly and concisely. Why? Because only then can you have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience just by sitting in an air ride seat!

  • Wirings


The wiring needs to be checked to see if the switch is working correctly, but the compressor isn’t running properly. To put it another way, the compressor will not run if a wire is broken, frayed, or otherwise imprecisely built.

Tighten any loose wiring joints you find. Resultantly, the compressor will function, and the seat will start working again.

Of course, anything with wirings has the potential for those wirings to cause problems. The same is the case could be with the John Deere air ride seat. No need to worry.

You need to make sure that all the wirings are made properly. You can use a John Deere air ride seat diagram to complete the job quickly in case the wirings look confusing.

There are high chances that the wirings are connected correctly but have been disconnected, so all you need to do is to check all the connections. If wirings had come off, connect them back on.

If you’re finding it difficult, look at the John Deere air ride side diagram and checklist all the wirings from the instructions.

Checking wirings is a relatively easy practice to resolve the problem. But in case you are still unable to do this job, call an equipment services expert, and he’ll check it out for you.

There is a possibility of the wirings or cables being damaged. If your air ride seat is in this position, you must replace it and buy yourself a brand new one.

  • Defective Compressor

Sometimes, the compressor not working means it has reached the end of its life span.

If your air seat is too old and you were not paying attention to its maintenance, then most probably, the chances of your compressor being faulty are maximized. Make sure not to ignore its maintenance because once it starts to malfunction, you have to replace it.

Electronics inside the compressor can malfunction, or environmental factors such as high humidity levels may expose moisture inside the unit and result in a short circuit. In this case, buy yourself a brand new compressor to enjoy the comfort of an air ride seat.

If the air ride seat starts working after changing the compressor, you would definitely be more than happy because getting a compressor will cost you a bare minimum amount of money instead of buying a new air ride seat.

But after that, make sure to pay attention to the John Deere air ride seat’s maintenance and use it in a clear and concise manner. Why? Because only then can you have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience just by sitting in an air ride seat!

  • Leakage Problem

Leakage Problem

Make sure there are no leaks in the air seat after you have checked everything else. In other words, the compressor is working correctly, but the air in the seat isn’t being inflated. In this case, the leak must be halted.

In case the leakage has become too broad that it is impossible to halt it, you might replace the air ride seat. Because the leakage problem will not cause the air to be inflated, the air ride seated will malfunction.

John Deere Air Ride Seat Problems – Nothing Is Working Out?

John Deere Air Ride Seat Problems - Nothing Is Working Out

If all of these troubleshooting steps become ineffective, you are left with the only option to get in touch with your device’s support staff. Make sure you give them thorough information about the issue.

Establishing trusting relationships is the core of providing excellent customer service. Be clear about the problem, and support staff will provide an effective solution. If the problem is still not solved, you must immediately check your equipment’s warranty!

Each John Deere equipment comes up with a guarantee with its manual. Most of them have a warranty of 2- 6 years. Send them a mail. The team will contact you and inquire about the issue and warranty.

But before that, ensure the air ride seat wasn’t damaged because of your negligence. After successful validation, the company will customize a new air ride seat for you!

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  1. My air ride seat is not working on my 3720 John Deere. There us power on one of the wire harness going into the lower back seat . I’m not sure how to get into the switch to check power at that point . Any advice would be appreciated.


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