Do Deer Eat Vinca? What You Need To Know

do deer eat vinca
do deer eat vinca

Some enthusiasts enjoy growing plants and flowers in their gardens. This can help in making them look beautiful and smell nice. Although, the main problem with this is that keeping flowers healthy also takes a lot of maintenance. This is why people often decide to plant flowers that can stay healthy with as little effort as possible.

This is where vinca flowers come in they are known for being one of the easiest ones to maintain. The flower can easily survive as long as you plant it in an optimal position. You also have to keep them away from animals, as some might eat them. If you’ve got some wildlife around your home and are wondering “do deer eat vinca?”, check out everything you need to know by reading this article.

Do Deer Eat Vinca?

“Do Deer eat vinca?”, is one of the most famous questions that people ask regarding the plant. When it comes to this, the short answer is “no”, but there are also tons of things that you need to be aware of. The main reason for this question is that people often plant flowers in their gardens to ward off wildlife animals. Deer and rabbits are two of the most common wildlife animals that can attack a garden.

This is because these animals enjoy eating flowers, plants, and their leaves. Deer usually love plants like fir and arborvitae because of their narrow-leaf evergreens. There are tons of other plants that these animals show a preference for, but you should note that most of these are usually ones that have been fertilized. Talking about this, you should also keep in mind that just like deer enjoy eating some plants, there are also ones that keep them away.

This includes flowers and plants with fragrance, thorns, bleeding hearts, and poison. Vinca falls under both the poisonous plants’ category as well as thorny plants. This is one of the major reasons that make them resistant to not only deer but even rabbits. Keeping this in mind, if you are someone who lives in an area where these animals are known for attacking grounds.

Then it is best that you use a type of vinca and spread it all around your garden. There are different types of vinca out of which not all varieties are poisonous. Considering this, you will have to carefully select the plant before putting it in your garden. These flowers are poisonous to animals as well as humans so make sure that you don’t have any little children or pets that can try eating them.

Aside from this, the vinca minor plants are known for spreading on their own as long as you keep them at an even ground level or put them above a slope. Considering this, you will not even have to spread the plant manually as this should start doing so on its own. Going through the information provided above, you can easily understand that deer do not eat vinca. Instead of this, the plant is one of the best ways to keep the animal away from your grounds and keep it protected.

Will Vinca Flowers Come Back If Eaten?

While the strong scent, poison content, and thorns on these plants keep deer away. You should note that in some cases, the animal might be too hungry which is why they can take a bite out of your flowers. The deer will run away after this, but it will still damage your vinca flowers. Considering this, people often question if the vinca flowers that the deer had eaten will ever come back. The answer to this is “yes”, the flowers should back quickly as long as your plant is in season.

Vinca is mostly an annual plant that thrives during its season. Even if you pluck out flowers, these will grow back quickly within days as long as the season remains, and the plant gets sufficient nutrients and temperature. Vinca is also quite easy to maintain as it can stay alive in the shade, partial shade, and even sunlight. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about watering the flowers as these can stay healthy even without it.

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